About Us

Welcome to the new Database and Web Site “Is It Juliana Jewelry”. My name is Karla Wacker and I am a lover and dealer of this high quality costume jewelry, known as Juliana by DeLizza & Elster Corp. (D&E). I co-authored the book “Juliana Jewelry – The Last Generation” by Knutson & Wacker, assisted with the “Juliana Jewelry Reference” by Ann Pitman and was an active member of the Discovering Juliana Jewelry Group from 2005 – 2011, while it was active.

This web site was created because of my frustration, and the frustration others have expressed, with the inefficient online formats available for verifying Juliana (D&E). One must scroll through hundreds and hundreds of pictures trying to match an item. Hours of wasted time looking at jewelry that looks nothing like your piece. Wouldn't it be so much easier, I thought, if when looking for a brooch with a rivoli in it to see just the brooches with rivoli's?! An idea was born and my new Database is up and running and FREE for all to use to simplify their Juliana (D&E) searching process.

As a computer engineer, I knew that the answer would be a searchable database. So I designed it, my computer wizard son wrote it and this web site is the result.

It was also very important to make sure that every item in this database is D&E. Nothing questionable. Every effort has been made to double check items that have some confirmation sites saying Yes and some saying No.

To help make sure everything was as good as I could make it, I wrangled my co-author of our book “Juliana Jewelry – The Last Generation” into helping me with this site. So many thanks to Paula Knutson for all her help.

I would also like to thank many of the active members of my Juliana (D&E) Study Group on Facebook. A number of them spent many hours entering items into this Database. Other members and experts have provided their photos to help grow the Database. So thank you, each of you, for your contributions in any way.

I know you’re going to find this Website very user friendly and fast. You can search in may different ways: color, shape, item type, designer company made for, etc. There is even a “report item button” if you notice that an item is a duplicate, or maybe put into the wrong category. Please send a report, so it can be fixed and make the site bug free quickly.

Requests are welcome from individuals wanting to join and participate in the Juliana Jewelry Study Group on Facebook. It is NOT a verification, buying or selling group, but rather, a study group for those who want to learn how to identify Juliana themselves.